Electrical Engineering Online Practice Test 1


  • Total no. of question : 10
  • Each question carry 1 mark
  • No negative marks
  • Attempt all questions are mandatory

Thermocouples are

Thermocouple transducers are those transducers which do not require any power source for their operation.

Sludge formation in transformer oil is due to which of the following?

Oxidization is the acid that form in the oil when it react to oxygen. This acid is sludge which will settle on the heat dissipation from the transformer.

How many outlets are permitted in a power circuit?

The fields at any point on tne axis of a current carrying coil will be

The magnetic field at any point on the axis of a current carrying will always parallel to the axis.

Which is the process taking place in a fluoresent tube called?

A fluoresent tube is a low pressure mercury vapour gas discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to produce visible light.

The all days efficiency of a distribution transformer will be high with low

Which of the following is automatic drives?

The commutator of a dc machine acts as a

Commutator of a dc machine is used to make flow of current in unidireaction in the external circuit. But for a complete commutation the direction of current does not change in external circuit so it behave as full wave rectifier.

Krichhoff's laws are not applicable to circuits with...

A black body when heated to emits the maximum energy in the visible spectrum range.

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